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£5 million extra for London scrappage scheme

The BMF has welcomed the London Mayor’s announcement of an extra £5 million for the capital’s scrappage scheme in advance of the expansion of Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in October 2021.

“This is good news for owners of older pre-Euro 3 but non-historic machines,” said BMF Chair Jim Freeman. “For commuters on these bikes, the £12.50 daily ULEZ charge from October 2021 will be a hammer blow. Helping them to upgrade to a compliant motorcycle or scooter is a positive step, especially for those on low incomes.”

Under the scheme, which was announced in 2019, riders can apply for a grant of £1000 when scrapping a non-compliant motorcycle or moped. Nearly 10,000 vehicles have been scrapped or retro-fitted under the scheme.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan reiterated his determination to clean up the capital’s high levels of pollution, which still regularly exceed World Health Organisation guidelines for PM2.5 particulates, pointing out that his scrappage scheme has no funding from central government. He said: “Despite the lack of Government support, our car and motorcycle scrappage scheme will continue to help low-income and disabled Londoners scrap their older, polluting vehicles and switch to walking, cycling and public transport or a cleaner vehicle.”

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Written by Peter Henshaw