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New Fines to Protect Cycle Lanes

Do you ever ride in London? Then keep clear of the marked cycle lanes, because Transport for London (TfL) now has new powers to fine motorcyclists and drivers up to £160 if they stray into any cycle lane or track marked by solid white lines.

Riders and drivers have long been banned from these cycle lanes, but until now the law has only been enforceable by the police. From 27th June, TfL acquired new powers which enable it to enforce the cycle lane ban via CCTV. The fine is reduced to £80 if paid within four days.

Although the new powers don’t specifically mention Advanced Stop Lines, cars and motorcyclists are banned from these as well.

Despite the recent increase in cycling in London (especially during lockdown) over half of Londoners still cite fear of traffic as a reason not to take to pedal power. TfL hopes that keeping traffic out of cycle lanes will encourage more people onto bicycles.

BMF Chair Jim Freeman commented: “Let’s be careful out there! As someone who’s had a camera ticket, where I was snapped near Old street, about a foot over a bus lane line, late one night, I know how easy it is to get caught out. Given TfL’s perennial cash crisis, don’t expect any leniency, they’re desperate for the cash.”


Written by Peter Henshaw