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Is pricey petrol making you change your riding?

Pricey Petrol Discouraging Drivers

Britain’s car drivers are driving less, and more economically, as a response to rocketing petrol and diesel prices – so are motorcyclists reacting in the same way?

According to a poll by Opinium, over half of all drivers (54%) have changed their habits to cushion the blow of higher fuel prices. Some (35%) in rural areas are driving less while one in four urban drivers have also cut down on their mileage. Drivers were walking instead, taking public transport or cancelling trips altogether, with some working from home to cut out commuting costs.

This picture was backed up by a survey from Aviva Insurance, which found that 44% of drivers surveyed were using their cars for “essential journeys only” while 39% were walking instead of driving on some trips. Nearly half (48%) were using less fuel than they did a year ago.

The BMF’s Chair, Jim Freeman, had this to say: “Not too surprising really, but a useful confirmation of what’s been visible out on the road. The WCPT [ Walking, Cycling, Public transport] agenda obviously got a boost. However, the problem remains, walking and cycling aren’t much use if you need to travel 20 miles and there are only a couple of buses a day that actually go near where you need to go. I think that the longer this situation goes on, the more lightweight motorcycles and mopeds will be sold, particularly electric. The current, sharp, uptick in covid cases, only reinforces the distrust of what public transport is actually available. Has anybody ever caught covid while riding a bike? I very much doubt it!”

How have the higher fuel prices affected your motorcycling? Are you riding less? More efficiently? Let us know on the BMF Facebook page.

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of MCN