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Regional Zooms are back!

An invitation from the BMF Management Team…

We would like to start 2022 by following on from previous online member meet-up sessions and invite you to join me, and the rest of the BMF team on Zoom on Saturday 19th February – the theme is ‘ the BMF Review of 2021 and moving forward into 2022 …with your help’.

At these meetings we are reaching out to you directly to find out what YOU think we should be doing, how we can communicate with you better and also how to get our BMF message out to the wider motorcycling world more efficiently.

We’ll send out an agenda before the meeting, so feel free to tell us in advance of anything you’d like on it.

We’ll be telling you about some of the achievements and challenges we have faced and also asking for your questions to the team, so come prepared, we’ll keep it informal but it will be focused!

We are having two sessions, we have split the member regions into two groups. If you can’t make the time for your region, you will of course be more than welcome to join the other one.

Helen Hancock, our Administrator, will manage the meeting, other staff along with various members of the Management Team, and myself will also be there.

Meetings will last no more than an hour.

After consulting with Stephen Davenport and John Gardner last year, all National and One Make Club (NaOMC) members were invited to join in their own ‘home’ region. So we’re keeping this format again

Saturday 19th February

1000 Session 1: Regions 1,9,10,8 and 7
1130 Session 2: Regions 2,3,4,5 and6

We’ll send out the link and the agenda for the zoom nearer the date – but please mark your diaries now!

Please email Helen on to register your intention to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you all on screen soon,

Ride safe, keep safe

Anna, Howard, Jim, Peter, myself Sheonagh in the Management Team and Cheryl, Emily and Helen.

Written by Sheonagh Ravensdale