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The safety of private e-scooters in the UK – PACTS research

In parallel with the launch of public, regulated trials of e-scooters across England, private, and currently illegal, e-scooter use on our roads and in other public spaces has increased. The unsafe nature of some private e-Scooters, and irresponsible use by some, is leading to serious casualties and risks harming efforts by rental operators and local authorities seeking to provide a safe, low-carbon mobility option.

While the government-approved e-scooter rental trials are intended to assess safety, there is little or no current measure of the impact of the safety of private e-scooter on riders and other road users. The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) was awarded a grant by the Road Safety Trust to collect data relating to incidents involving these micro-mobility devices and to form recommendations for their construction and use. Working with partners from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and fields of expertise PACTS has:

  • gathered data of casualties involving e-scooters (riders and other road users) collected from the media, police forces and insurance firms;
  • published a report summarising our findings and recommendations for regulation of private e-scooters – construction and use; and
  • will host a webinar which is being held at 11am on Thursday 24th March.

The BMF will be attending the webinar on behalf of all our members.

“This report has considered all the road safety aspects with respect to e-scoots. I expect it to make a valuable contribution to the debate on their future use” said Anna Zee, BMF Political and Technical Services Director.

“The BMF welcomes the rational approach taken, via evidence based research, to formulate a comprehensive set of construction and use guideline recommendations to present to the DfT’s Minister, Trudy Harrison. The application of existing advice around common sense issues, such as liability insurance, mobile phone use, riding on pavements etcetera is encouraging. The acknowledgement that e-scoots are not ‘the same’ as bikes, either bicycle or motorcycle, and should be treated as such.” said Jim Freeman, BMF Chair.

Full article can be read on PACTS website – here

Written by PACTS

Top image courtesy of PACTS