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In 9 out of 10 accidents, the main cause is human error – whether deliberate or accidental. During the advanced Blue Riband course we will help you to improve your observation, planning and control, all helping to reduce errors, reducing the likelihood of you causing your own accidents and helping you avoid other people.

The aim of the course is to assist experienced motorcyclists to improve their riding skills and therefore increase the enjoyment they get out of motorcycling. The course seeks to encourage you to THINK about why?, and what? you are doing when you are riding, to be self critical and to be able to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses.

“The Blue Riband course certainly highlighted my riding strengths and weaknesses, it really did hit home just how complacent I’d become through regular riding. I honestly feel like a different rider using skills I’d long forgotten or didn’t have at all!”

The CONCENTRATED Blue Riband Course
Held over a day and a half. The first day will commence with a short period of theory and discussion about the various techniques you will practice, followed by a full day of assessment and demonstration rides. Distances covered can be about 90 miles. The day is broken down into sections with numerous stops for road debriefs. The finish time is dependant on the progress being made during the day, weather and the enthusiasm of the participants! Providing you have reached the required standard by the end of the day, the Blue Riband assessment will take place the following day or as soon as possible afterwards. The assessment (conducted by another instructor) will take about an hour, at the end of which you will receive a written report on your performance.

The STANDARD Blue Riband Course
The course will start with a theory session as above and the practical sessions are broken down into separate sections to be held at times convenient to the candidate and the instructor. Once at the required standard the assessment is conducted as the Concentrated Course.

You will receive a written report of your assessment containing advice on the subject areas of Machine controls, information gathering, psychological, judgemental and road craft. A copy of this will be sent to the BMF and in due course you will receive your certificate (valid for three years), badge and membership of the BMF for twelve months. Many insurance companies will allow a discount for this award, so please mention it when you apply.

“A real “Confidence builder” of a course! Planning, awareness, anticipation… I’d almost forgotten how too laid back a rider I’d become. My planning ahead is so much better and my ride is so smooth, I’m really proud of my riding skills. Highly recommended!”

Pre-Course requirements
It is necessary to have a copy of motorcycle ‘Roadcraft’ and have spent some time studying it. The course is quite intensive and will take place at quite a pace, we advise that you and your machine must be capable of coping with both the speed and distances involved, motorcycles should be able to maintain progress in the national speed limit both on A roads and motorways and be able to overtake quickly when required. A minimum power output of 33bhp or more for participating machines is recommended. You should be familiar with your machine as some of the techniques may be new to you. You should have held a full motorcycle licence for at least 6 months and have an appropriate level of experience.

Course summary

  • Riders are given a suggested reading list (i.e Current Highway Code and Roadcraft for better preparation of course).
  • An Instructor will call you to discuss the course in detail.
  • Open book test sheets will help prepare you mentally for the course.
  • Start opening day with discussion of answers as part of the classroom session.
  • Move onward to ridden sections.
  • There will be adequate stops allowing for feedback and discussions throughout the road ride.
  • Day ends with a final briefing.
  • If required standards are constantly being met, the assessment session is arranged.

If for any reason the required standards are not met, a feedback session will be given, and further training sessions* will be mutually arranged before proceeding to the assessment stage. (*additional fees may apply).

On completing the course.

  • You will also receive a written assessment, containing advice on the subject areas of forward planning, positioning on bends, following, overtaking, hazard awareness and judgement, observations, use of The System, use of speed and any other comments.
  • All ‘Blue Riband’ Instructors/Assessors are trained to the highest level, having been trained and ratified by The BMF Blue Riband National Co-ordinator and training staff.
  • On passing the assessment you will receive a certificate, badge and membership to the BMF for 12 months.

The concentrated course costs £250.00 all inclusive. The standard course will depend on how quickly you progress but should cost about the same. For an assessment only, the cost is £80.00.

“A well delivered riding course and a good few miles covered to master it. A great sense of personal achievement having completed the Concentrated course to a high level. Would I recommend? Definitely!”

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