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Who are we?

We are a Registered Charity, number 1097835, whose aims are to help and support motorcycling and motorcyclists in the UK. Originally set up by the British Motorcyclists Federation, the leading motorcyclists’ body in the UK, to support those aspects of its work that are not political campaigning. Patrons and supporters are; The Rt. Revd. John Oliver, and Niall Mackenzie three times BSB Champion.

What do we do?

Our objects cover a range of matters that are designed to help motorcyclists and in particular make the roads a safer place for them. This includes

  • Improvements in safety by influencing the design of roads
  • Influencing the design of other vehicles on the roads so that chances of injury to motorcyclists are reduced
  • Research into protective equipment
  • Prevention of vehicle crime
  • Research into the treatment of injuries typically incurred in motorcycle crashes and support of the care and rehabilitation of those injured

Grants are made to bodies already working in those fields which are closely linked to what we are set up to do. A sample of grants have been:

  • Funding support of the Institution of Highways Engineers guidelines for road design relating to motorcycles
  • Funding for the ‘Kill Spills’ campaign which had a great influence on HGV fuel tank and filler cap design to prevent spills from over filling, also for awareness in fleet operations of diesel spills
  • New design cutting gear for paramedics and ambulance crews specifically for leathers and motorcyclists clothing
  • Research study into motorcycle crash statistics and underlying causes that was published to aid government thinking and decisions on traffic management
  • Support of advanced rider training through the Blue Riband scheme
  • Providing medical emergency cards for motorcyclists
  • Support funding for a state of the art spinal injury rehabilitation device at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow
  • Funding for the ‘Take Another Look’ campaign led by Motorcycle Law Scotland

How can you help?

You can help us by making a single donation, small or large, or by agreeing to make a regular gift.

We can accept donations by cheque or Charities Aid Foundation Voucher (CAF). If you are a UK taxpayer you can increase the value of your donation to the BMF Foundation at no extra cost to yourself by using Gift Aid.

If you would like to contribute to the work of the BMF Foundation you can post cheques and CAF vouchers to BMFF, Jack Wiley House, 3 Oswin Road, Brailsford Industrial Estate, Braunstone, Leicester LE3 1HR

Please ask for a form from the administration office if you would like to set up a regular payment or Gift Aid, contact Helen on 0116 279 5112/07918 903 500 or email