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You’ve joined the BMF as an individual or club member and you’d like to help!

So what can you do?….. Become a BMF Regional Rep!

Take a look at the BMF MAP and you’ll see we’ve divided the UK into 10 regions, each region needs proactive people to promote our organisation and keep their ear to the ground to identify local concerns/issues that become apparent that involve motorcyclists or motorcycling.. As you can see there are LOTS of gaps on that page.. WE NEED YOU!

Why do we need BMF Regional Reps?

The BMF is led by a Senior Management Team of volunteers and a small back office of staff. We need ears and eyes all over the country to keep us informed about what’s going on in your local communities – particularly any issues that affect us as motorcyclists, such as new parking restrictions, access to bus lanes, Ultra Low Emission Zones, potholes and many more. We can offer advice and pointers such as recommendations around who to write to, what to say (if you need help with this), and put you in touch with other areas with the same problems who might be taking action that you could take.

What does being a BMF Regional Rep involve?

* Reach out to your local motorcycle dealers and biker cafes – ask them to support the us by displaying a BMF Biker Friendly sticker in their window(s) and provide them with some BMF promotional literature to display (Blue Riband Advanced Rider Award leaflets and Rural Roads leaflets have proved very useful).

* Engage with the local motorcycle and scooter clubs in your own area (both BMF affiliated clubs and any we have not yet connected with). Possibly visit them on their club night for a brew and to understand what their concerns are? The BMF team is very keen to know what’s going on in the world of motorcycling in the UK at the grassroots level, and where we can help, we will (link to the current affiliated clubs here).

* Are potholes or bus lanes or other issues driving you and other bikers in your area nuts? Check out the local motorcycling socials and lets us know what’s going on, with our years of experience we should be able to give you some helpful advice for you to pass on to your local motorcycling community. Maybe another region is already tackling a similar issue, we can put you in touch with each other, if we know who is doing what, to allow you to share resources and ideas and even pass on any lessons we have learned from any historic instances of a similar nature.

* Monitor the BMF website and, if you have an interest in social media, please follow our Facebook page & join our Facebook community group, follow our Twitter feed and Instagram page, we are constantly updating them and they will ensure that you’ll be fully informed about all of our current topics and initiatives.

* Promote the BMF and what it stands for whenever you are out and about, let people know about the free eNewsletters sent electronically and open to non-members (Register for the newsletters here), the members magazine, Motorcycle Rider, take time to share the information you receive in the monthly club and regional rep news bulletins, even just take a handful of leaflets with you when you go out for a ride – you never know who’ll you meet!

* Help to promote the BMF at local, regional and national shows and events. We would like to attend more shows, bike nights and events. Can you help us by spending some time on the promotional stand, by helping set up and take down the stand or even transporting a gazebo to a show? Do you know of a show that you’d like us to have a stand at? Are you able to organise a group to share manning the stand with? Small local events – most regions have a regular Bike Nights during the summer. Could you take some BMF Members Guides and other promotional leaflets to your local event and get chatting about what we do? The members guide is a great prompt for the benefits to members!

* We are having a weekend stand at the Bike Bonanza at Mallory Park on 15/16 July, would you be able to help out?

We absolutely understand that everyone’s time is really precious these days, and there is no expectation for any one individual to take on all of the activities detailed above, but we would be extremely grateful for whatever you can offer to help promote the BMF in your local biking community. We only ask that you do what you can when you can!!

What do you need to do next? All you have to do is contact Helen by email or call 07918 903 500 and have a chat she will explain the sign up procedure.

After verification, you’ll be sent a BMF polo shirt, ID card useful information and also leaflets and stickers for you to hand out at your local dealers, bike shows and bike nights.

Some of the flyers available Some of the great stickers we have available Some of the merchandise available to buy online

Take a look at these: Some FAQ’s

What are our views on the main issues of 2023? Find out on this link BMF Policy document this evolves over time, so check back here now and again.

What are our views on decarbonisation? Find out on this link LCat Phase Out BMF Response Final or read our article here

What organisations we are involved with? Find out on this link Organisations

Lost in acronym speak? Look at this Glossary of the acronyms used by the motorcycle industry for a few of the most common ones used.

Want to report a pothole or other hazard? Look at this helpful REPORTING HAZARDS page


Useful contacts (click on the name to email or feel free to call for a chat)

BMF Regional Reps liaison officer,  Alex Parsons-Hulse, 07702 229 311

BMF Director of Member Services, Peter Laidlaw, 07939 260524

BMF Chair, Jim Freeman

BMF Political & Technical Services Director, Anna Zee,

BMF Government Relations Executive Officer Paul Morgan

BMF Membership Secretary Net Hopkinson

Admin and anything else! Helen Hancock, 07918 903 500

Motorcycle Rider magazine editor, Peter Henshaw


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