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Stolen Bike Recovered on TV

Viewers of BBC One’s daytime crime-fighting show Frontline Fightback watched a stolen Husqvarna 701 successfully recovered, thanks to high tech security. Bike crime doesn’t often

Reporting hazards on the roads

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We asked you for your feedback on what issues affect you, as motorcyclists. Thank you to everyone who commented on our social media posts and


The UK wants to ban the sale of new fossil fuelled motorcycles from 2035

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'It is important that motorcycles do not remain fossil fuelled as the rest of the transport fleet cleans up', according to Trudy Harrison MP, Minister

United Nations will allow automated cars to manoeuvre at higher speeds

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FEMA: 'Motorcycle safety has to be the highest priority when automated cars change lanes at high speeds'. The UNECE’s World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations