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Austria imposes wheelie ban

Heading to Austria this summer, and have a liking for biking acrobatics? Then beware, because the Austrian government is cracking down on wheelies, stoppies and other vehicle shenanigans – fines go up to 10,000 euros and your bike could be impounded for three days.

The Austrian Motor Vehicles Act has been amended to outlaw boy racerish games such as drifting, tyre squealing and backfiring. “Non-situational use of the motor vehicle in which there is not contact between the road surface and all wheels at all times,” is also outlawed – in other words, wheelies and stoppies. Wheelspins, wheel locking and doughnuts join the banned list as well.

The rules apply to quiet areas such as private car parks just as much as public roads, so there is no escape. Fines start at 300 euros and if the police think that the offence is likely to be repeated, they can impound the car or bike for up to 72 hours.

“Road closures are a big issue in Austria, Germany and other countries, our friends in Biker’s Voice have a big problem on their hands, so if you’re going on holiday, play nice and don’t add to their pain. From personal experience, I can say that the Austrian police are very good at running roadside checkpoints, especially for speed and exhausts, so if you’re on the north side off the Dolomites, be careful and don’t forget to buy that all important Autobahn sticker.” said BMF Chair Jim Freeman.

Words by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Hasan Gulec –