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BMF Support IAM petition

IAM RoadSmart has launched a petition calling on the Government to scrap VAT on life-saving air vests which are currently subject to a 20% VAT rate. Other lifesaving equipment, like motorcycle helmets, are either zero rated or lower rated.

IAM CEO, Antony Kildare, shares his statement here

Full details of the IAM RoadSmart petition can be found via the following link here

Previous research has shown that for riders wearing an airbag vest or jacket, forward momentum in a crash is reduced by roughly 60 percent and head traumas are reduced by approximately 80 percent; significantly reducing incidents of broken bones and abrasions, as well as head and neck trauma.

BMF fully support this petition, which, if successful, would bring down the price of air vests and jackets by removing the VAT charge; thereby making an important piece of safety kit more affordable to riders, reducing injuries and saving lives.

We would encourage BMF members to go online and sign the petition, which is open until 27 March 2024

Link to previous news article here

Written by Paul Morgan CBE – BMF Government Relations Executive

Top image courtesy of Peter Laidlaw