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Burt Munro inducted into Sturgis Hall of Fame

Burt Munro’s legend and standing within motorcycling seems to grow with every passing year. As well as the film ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’ and several biographies, he’s been accepted into the AMA Hall of Fame and the Motorcycling New Zealand Hall of Fame.

Now, 56 years since he set a world speed record on his home-built Indian Scout-powered bike, the Sturgis Hall of Fame has followed suit. This is more significant than it seems, as the Sturgis list of the great and the good focuses on American riders and figures who had been judged to make a major contribution to motorcycling.

Indian Motorcycles, which has been keen to publicise Burt’s association with the marque, is delighted. “Burt’s a legend,” said Gary Gray, vice president of racing, technology and service at Indian. “His accomplishments…trials and tribulations inspire our racing efforts today.” Munro’s under-1000cc world record of 184.07mph, set on Bonneville Salt Flats in August 1967, still stands.

Jim Freeman, Chair of the BMF, added: “I have to say the only Munro I could think of was Ben Nevis in Scotland, but this one sounds like a legend in his own lunchtime and good luck to him. ‘Murican icons are often strange to European tastes, although I did discover some more relatable names , like Kenny Roberts, Dick Mann, Jay Springsteen, Gary Nixon and, for real star quality, Peter Fonda, not to mention most of the Davidson family.”

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Indian Motorcycles