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Petition for Defibrillators at Motocross Tracks

An American motocross fan has launched a petition urging all US motocross tracks to install defibrillators. Writing on the petition platform, Paul Fulcher stated: “As a concerned parent and avid supporter of motocross, I am starting this petition to urge all motocross tracks and clubs to install defibrillators by 2024. This issue is deeply personal to me as my own son suffers from a heart condition, and I believe it is crucial that we prioritise safety measures in the motocross community.”

He added that sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can affect anyone of any age and fitness level, and that installing defibrillators at all tracks would provide an essential emergency response during races or practice sessions and save lives by providing immediate intervention while awaiting professional medical assistance.

Paul Fulcher’s petition, which was created on 28th August 2023, had secured 15,876 supporters by 15th November. The ACU, which oversees British motocross, stipulates that ambulances at events must be equipped with a stretcher, oxygen supply, apparatus to immobilise limbs and vertebral column plus first aid materials.

Jim Freeman, Chair of the BMF, said: “As someone with heart issues, I’m in favour. As we’ve seen on the football pitch, even seriously fit young players can suffer from SCA, so why should motocross be any different? ”

Written by Peter Henshaw

Photo: FIM – E-Xplorer