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The BMF at the FEMA Committee Meeting

The FEMA Committee meeting, confusingly referred to as the ‘Spring’ meeting, took place at the Motor Cycle Touring Club [MCTC] campsite in Kolind, Denmark, on Saturday 11th June 2022.

The meeting was attended by 14 delegates, 10 in person and 4 online, from 12 organisations, with proxies held for a further 4 organisations, and a number of guests. The BMF were privileged to hold the proxy for Norsk Motorcykkel Union [NMCU]. The meeting was chaired by Anna Zee, FEMA President and BMF Political and Technical Services [PTS] Director. The BMF delegate [online] was Jim Freeman, FEMA Treasurer and BMF Chair.

Following the Treasurer’s report, that all was well financially, particularly after a two-year pandemic was taken into account, the meeting settled into a varied, lively, agenda:

A presentation by Jesper Christenson from Sveriges MotorCyklister [SMC] about their E Motorcycle awareness campaign:

‘Climate, motorcycles and policy’, a Presentation by MAG UK’s Ian Churchlow, assisted by Lembit Opic, about internal combustion engines [ICE], CO2 and fuel alternatives, followed by a lively discussion, with an indicative vote taken, to take the temperature of the meeting, with the promise of future discussion.

Future FEMA meetings, a discussion about the future of FEMA meetings, deciding how to organise them [physical, online, or hybrid]. The meeting decided that staying flexible and taking decisions on an ad hoc basis, depending on circumstances, was probably the best approach.

The General Secretary, Dolf Willigers, presented the FEMA Annual Report, taking questions from the Committee. Dolf was congratulated on an excellent report.

‘Surving without a motorcycle licence’, SMC’s Maria Nordvist presented new data about how little time persons without a Motorcycle Licence will live after buying a motorcycle.

Memorandum of understanding, between FEMA, FIM Europe and the NMC. After an introduction by Dolf Willigers, the document was approved by the Committee, and signed by Dolf, Jesper Christenson for FIM Europe, and Craig Carey-Clinch for the National Motorcyclists Council [NMC]. The memorandum extended the pre-existing working group arrangements between FEMA and FIM E to include the NMC, for the development of joint policies across a Europe wide platform.

Secretariat reports from Dolf Williger as General Secretary and Wim Taal as Communications Officer.

‘Parking Survey’, a presentation by Wim Taal, showing the results of the online survey on motorcycle parking.

‘Women in Motorcycling’, a presentation by Raimonda Grigate-Kjeldsen, addressing the issues concerning women rider’s in 2022.

Following the usual discussion of the dates and venues of future FEMA meetings; with a number of minor items under Any other Business, the Meeting was closed by the President at 16.45 CET.

Written by Jim Freeman – BMF Chair

Top image courtesy of FEMA