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FIM Rally 2022 Ferropolis, Germany

The 2022 FIM Rally will be held at Ferropolis, an open air industrial museum close to Dessau, South West of Berlin. Details of the rally are rather late in coming out this year as the nation originally scheduled to run the event withdrew their offer due concern regarding the Covid pandemic.

The German DMSB have stepped in to organise the rally and have been working hard to catch up with the necessary preparations. The Ferropolis site, sited on a peninsular in a large lake created in the past by open cast mining, displays some of the giant machines that were used in the open cast mine and is also a venue for pop concerts & festivals.

The Rally runs from Wednesday 27th July to Friday 29th July.

Once again the BMF are handling the payments, full details and booking forms are available on the FIM Team GB website.

Bookings must be received by 25 April latest.

Any questions and for payment details, please contact the UK FIM Touring Steward, Keith Freak on 01837 840398 between 10.00 and 20.00 GMT or by email.

Please note you are responsible for ensuring that you meet German entry requirements with regard to both yourself and your bike.

Click here for foreign travel advice or here FEMA riding your motorcycle abroad

Details about later events in the year will follow soon.

Written by Sheonagh Ravensdale, BMF Communications Director

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