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Hackney motorcycle parking charges FINAL CONSULTATION

We need your help NOW

Hackney Council have just released the final statutory consultation on their proposed motorcycle parking charges.

We need you to respond to this consultation NOW

This is your chance to fight anti motorcycle policies, and stand up for riders everywhere. The charges are an attempt to force riders out of Hackney. If we don’t fight this now it will spread all over London and the UK.

HOW TO RESPOND: You respond by emailing your objection to before Friday 4th August 2023

This is not a normal consultation

Hackney must address each response individually.

So in your response please don’t just say you oppose, but give alternative options and reasons for them to consider. This will massively hold them up as by law they must consider and respond to each individual option.

The more people respond, the more likely it is Hackney will be forced to drop their draconian plans. We want to send a message to councils that it’s not worth their time to attack bikers!

Hackney’s stated aim for the policy is to tackle climate change and air quality, so think about other options which could achieve this aim.

You can find examples of alternative options below; please think of this as only a guide and feel free to make your own suggestions in your own words. The more different options the council has to consider the better:

  • No charges for motorcycles and scooters to encourage car drivers to downsize
  • Increase charges for cars to target the real source of transport emissions and congestion in Hackney
  • Follow the Westminster or Lewisham models with far lower charges for motorcycles
  • Account for factors such as space and congestion in any charges

The consultation closes on Friday 4th August 2023. But the earlier you respond the better!

Current details of the charges

Following pressure from you Hackney have backed down on some parts of their plans. They have dropped the total ban on all day commuter parking, and reduced the charges from their initial £60 per day. But this is not enough. The proposed charges are still absolutely outrageous:

  • £10 for all day commuter parking in solo motorcycle bays. Currently these are only found around Old Street so commuter parking is still banned in the rest of the borough
  • Charging motorcycles and scooters the same as cars for residents and business parking permits
  • Residents permits up to £596 a year and business permits up to £1560, rising to £843 and £1800 by 2027
  • Residents of ‘car-free’ developments will now be banned from parking a motorcycle

You can find full details of the proposed charges here

This is the final stage and your last chance to make your voice heard. Please share with your riding mates, your mum, your sister, your grandad and anyone who cares about bikers!

With your help we have achieved so much. We got Camden to shelve their plans, which would have banned motorcycle commuting. Hackney’s proposed charges have been delayed by over two years, with some concessions already made. Further delay could mean it’s shelved for good.

If you do one thing for riders in London, let this be it.

You can find the consultation here:

Please contact Save London Motorcycling if you have any questions – this is a vital consultation and they will do their best to respond to everyone as quickly as possible.

Written by Save London Motorcycling