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ICE Ban Extended to 2040?

Internal combustion engine ban extended to 2040?

Could the ban on new sales of petrol bikes be extended to 2040, as reported in the Daily Telegraph on 12th May? Tony Campbell, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, told MCN  on16th May that he was expecting an announcement ahead of the summer recess, but this has since been overtaken by events, with Rishi Sunak’s surprise announcement of the General Election on 4th July. This means that government policy is effectively on hold until the election, which may or may not see a change of administration.

The end date for petrol-powered two-wheelers has been in limbo since September 2023, when the Conservative government announced it was pushing the car ban back from 2030 to 2035, but with no decision on motorcycles. For the moment, that remains as 2030 for mopeds and A1 motorcycles, and 2035 for bigger bikes. The motorcycle industry has been arguing for a later date, on the basis that bikes are transitioning to zero emission drivetrains far slower than cars.

Written by Peter Henshaw

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