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Positive meeting with Transport Minister Richard Holden

Anna Zee, BMF Political & Technical Services Director, attended the recent ministerial meeting along other members of The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) with Richard Holden MP – Transport Department

Anna said “I think this was a good meeting. Minster Richard Holden MP was very ready to listen also to admit there were things he didn’t know about. The main points I wanted to make on the BMF’s behalf were on inclusion of motorcycling at all transport policy levels and that motorcycles must be considered when evaluating automated and autonomous driving systems and I think he took those on board as well as the issues raised by other NMC members. The issue of CBT improvements that have been stalled since before the pandemic was raised; we have a small hope that something might actually happen in that quarter.”

Click here for full National Motorcyclists Council report of the meeting.

Written by Helen Hancock

Photo courtesy of Anna Zee 

Left to Right; Graeme Collins, CEO Trail Riders Fellowship; Antony Kildare, CEO IAM RoadSmart; Richard Holden MP; Craig Carey-Clinch NMC; Anna Zee, Director, BMF