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Motorcycle ban for work???

Does the company you work for have a ban on the use of motorcycles for work related journeys?

Accounts have been received recently relating to several companies who have banned the use of motorcycles for work related journeys. That is using your bike for journey’s that are not classed as commuting, such as travelling to a location that is not your normal place of work, site visits, trips to other offices or client’s premises for example.

If you have been affected by this in any way, then I would love to hear from you. I’m currently collecting data to try to establish the scale of the issue and the impact on motorcycling. There have also been suggestions that some companies are actively looking at ways to discourage the use of motorcycles by their staff for day-to-day commuting. Again, if you have any information on this then I would like to hear from you.

I am also interested to hear from you if you have experienced any difficulties in obtaining Class 1 Business insurance for your motorcycle. This level of cover is needed for journeys during working hours to locations other than your normal place of work.

You don’t need to provide any names, unless you want to, but please do get in touch via email to All information received will be treated confidentially.

Please get in touch if you have information that can help.

Alex Parsons-Hulse – BMF North East Regional Rep

Top image courtesy of Alex Parsons-Hulse