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New National Partnership to fight POTHOLES #nationalpotholeday

BMF joins new National Partnership between Road User organisations, including the National Motorcyclists Council, and the road repair industry to press Government and Local Authorities to deliver effective and permanent road repairs through a comprehensive 5-Point Plan launched today on “National Pothole Day.”



Paul Morgan CBE, Government Relations Executive, British Motorcyclists Federation said: “Potholes and other road surface related defects are extremely dangerous for motorcyclists and the top concern for BMF members. Action is needed now to urgently clear the backlog of repairs and address the appalling state of UK roads. We call on Government to front-load the £8.3billion funding that has recently been announced for road repairs and to prioritise the necessary work to make the UK road network safe for all drivers and riders.”


National Motorcyclists Council and BMF join together to highlight the new National Pothole Partnership and call on the Government and Local Authorities to urgently prioritise pot hole and other road surface repairs. Watch our #nationalpotholeday video on your YouTube channel here

See NMC press release here 

Written by Helen Hancock

Top image courtesy of Kasman at Pixabay