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New Bike Online Sales Platform Launched, a motorcycle-only online sales platform to rival eBay and Facebook Marketplace, is about to go live. Set up by ex-TT racer and owner of Reactive Parts Steve Heneghan, it is designed for sale of bikes, spare parts, clothing and accessories, and is aimed at both trade and private sellers. It’s a reaction to complaints about the established online platforms.
Talking to trade magazine British Dealer News, Steve Heneghan said: “We’ve been getting feedback from dealers and sellers with complaints including increased costs, higher listing and final value fees…and reduced visibility for listings.”

Reactive aims to undercut its mainstream rivals with zero listing fees for both auctions and fixed price ads, final value fees of 7.8% and classified adverts for £9.99, using PayPal as the payment process.

Jim Freeman, Chair of the BMF, welcomed the prospect of a motorcycle-only online platform which offered some competition to the tech giants: “Good luck to Steve’s venture, with the current shake up in the online car market, with Cazoo heading towards the tubes, it’s good to hear of something positive. Much as we all love eBay, there’s always room for more. Personally, it’s not the platform, it’s the products. If a part that’s being sold as OEM, is at a truly ludicrous price, don’t blame me if it turns out to be chinesium clone garbage, that doesn’t work. I’ve always been a fan of pattern parts, especially sourced from suppliers selling unbranded OEM. Trouble is, these days, the real dingdongs have got all too good at that game, selling, say, ‘Denso’ products that are clones, including the packaging, but don’t meet the specs. ”

Written by Peter Henshaw

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