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Parking fines! Don’t get caught out..

We have recently had a couple of issues around parking restrictions and fines brought to our attention.

Some fuel stations, BP & Shell have been mentioned, have started restricting parking time, to half an hour. One of our region 7 reps found this out at a BP station which has a little rest area. These parking charges are usually put in place by a separate parking companies and signage can be very hard to spot, especially at night. It is worth checking when parking up on any restrictions, even if the place is well known to you, as sometimes changes are not well publicised and you could end up with a hefty fine.

Also, in motorway services you are generally not supposed to stay for more than 2 hours. Not many people are aware of this, and generally speaking why would you want to stay longer? But this is now causing problems for some EV drivers who are overstaying because they couldn’t start charging immediately. Although this is probably not going to cause much of an issue to riders, but could do. So again, check restrictions on services, especially if there’s a long queue for the EV charging stations.

We would like to hear from any of our members that have had any experience of fines, or any information you feel would be worth highlighting to other riders. We will then collate all the information together and look at the trends and see what we can do.

Any information can be sent to Paul Morgan, BMF Government Relations Executive


Written by Helen Hancock

Top image courtesy of Juice – Unsplash