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Philippines City Bans Full-Face Helmets

The safety benefits of full-face helmets over open-face are beyond dispute, so why is the city of San Carlos in the Philippines banning the use of full-face lids altogether? Perversely, it’s also made them compulsory in other areas.

According to the Philippine News Agency, the city government has introduced the measure to combat crime, with criminals taking advantage of full-face helmet anonymity and the getaway capability of a motorcycle.

Mayor Renato Gustilo of San Carlos said that the ban only applied “within the city proper” but that “starting in any of these (stated) areas going outside San Carlos City, the wearing of a full-face helmet is required.” So, full-face banned in the city, but compulsory outside it. The new law will be enforced by checkpoints, and riders travelling in and out of San Carlos will presumably be expected to carry two helmets…

BMF Chair Jim Freeman said: “And there I was thinking that the Philippines would probably be one of those parts that you’d be lucky to get most riders wearing any kind of helmet . So what happens if riders wear an open face with a medical mask? Or a bandana, as a face mask? Never mind the mandatory shades, preferably mirrored, for the full on ‘70s Bandido ensemble. I may not be taking this seriously enough. Oh, and a cheap handgun for completion. ”

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Piaggio