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BMF Regional Rep presents research at international conference

BMF Member and North East Regional Rep presents latest research into motorcycle commuting at international conference in Colorado Springs USA.

Motorcycles and other forms of powered two-wheelers could play an important part in a more sustainable integrated transport system.

BMF member Alex Parsons-Hulse will present the findings of his latest research into the barriers to commuting by motorcycle at the 10th Annual International Journal of Motorcycle Studies Conference which takes place between the 21st and 23rd of July this year at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, USA.

Some members may recall taking part in this research last year when they were kind enough to respond to an online questionnaire posted on the BMF website (previous BMF article here). In fact over 1300 motorcyclists from across the UK took part in the research which investigated what was preventing more motorcyclists from using their bikes to commute to work. Motorcycles and other forms of powered two-wheelers offer a more sustainable mode of transport when compared to the private car. They produce fewer emissions and take up less road space. In fact, research has shown that if 10% of people used a motorcycle instead of a car to travel to work, then there would be a 40% reduction in congestion for all road users. Alex said “motorcycles are part of the solution and could have an important role in building a more sustainable integrated transport system. Just like cycling, they are not for everyone, but where public transport is not an option, they provide a viable alternative, and they are also a fun way to travel!”

The research revealed that whilst bad weather was still a major barrier to commuting by motorcycle, this was matched by people’s fear that their motorcycle would be stolen whilst they were at work. When asked what they would do to improve motorcycle design, 81% of respondents placed making improvements to security as their top priority. This and other findings will be presented at the conference and following on from that are set to be published in the peer reviewed International Journal of Motorcycle Studies.

For anyone who wants to find out more about the research, Alex has a Facebook site 2wheelstocommute where he will be sharing more findings and information about the conference and other activities.


Top image courtesy of Alex Parson-Hulse