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Tech Solution to low speed drops?

Have you ever dropped a bike at low speed? Yep, most of us have known the dreaded wobble while attempting a U-turn, just before the bike tips you onto the tarmac – it’s usually more embarrassing than dangerous, but can still ruin your day.

Now technology company Intellias has launched a system that could make low speed drops a thing of the past. Publicly launched at the recent CES Show in Las Vegas, a global showcase for all kinds of new tech, the Intellias system uses sensors around the bike to detect speed and lean angle. When these calculate that the machine is going off balance, it makes a counter movement at the handlebars to prevent it. In keeping with its design aims, the Intellias system is designed to work only below 13mph.

It’s also intended specifically for use on scooters and small capacity bikes, so for nervous commuters or fast food delivery riders lacking experience. Yet there seems no reason why the same system couldn’t be applied to a BMW R1250GS or a Goldwing – it could save on scuffed bodywork, snapped levers and dented pride…

Jim Freeman, Chair of the BMF, said: “Would riders be able to use it whilst doing their CBT I wonder? I’d be surprised if a fast food delivery rider would be able to afford the tech. The application to large, expensive, bikes seems much more likely.”

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Intellias