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The BMF Annual General Meeting 2022

The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 10th October 2022, at 10.00. The event, held on Zoom, for the third time, was a great success with members taking part, from both Clubs and as individuals.

Regular business was dealt with briskly, before moving on to wide ranging discussions on a number of topics. The meeting heard reports from the Chair, Jim Freeman, and fellow Directors:
Howard Anderson, Finance
Peter Laidlaw, Membership Services
Sheonagh Ravensdale, Communications
Anna Zee, Political & Technical Services

The meeting was run by Jim Freeman, who managed the polls and voting, with help from Helen Hancock, the BMF’s Administrator, particularly monitoring the lively chat board.

Jim Freeman was re-elected as Chair with 89% of the votes cast on a zoom poll.

BMF Councillors and Regional Chairs and the Chair of the National and One Make Clubs [NaOMC], elected via Annual Regional Meetings [ARM] and the National and One Makes Clubs [NaOMC] forum. The ARMs and NOMC forum were held for the first time since 2019, because of the pandemic, returning the BMF to its normal democratic process. The meeting ratifying all posts en bloc, via the nominated list.

The meeting also approved the accounts for BMF [Enterprises] ltd for 2021.

Key topics raised and discussed at the meeting included the BMF responses to consultations, and other essential lobbying activity:
• The Consultation on the creation of a Road Collision Investigation Branch [RCIB]
• The consultation on the Future of Transport Regulatory Review: Modernising Vehicle Standards.
• The Consultation on when to end the sale of new non-zero emission L-Category Vehicles. [Commonly referred to ‘De-Carbonisation’]
• The consultant on improving air quality and Londoner’s health, climate change and reducing congestion. [Commonly referred to as ULEZ consultation]
• The Law Commission consultation on Remote Driving issues.
• The National Motorcyclists Council [NMC], building relations with government, with the overall objective of full motorcyclist inclusion in the Government Transport Strategy. Involving the Department for Transport [DfT], Home Office & cabinet Office.

The changes in BMF Communications strategy and their implementation.

The BMF’s financial situation and future. The increase in revenue from expanding membership, together with a substantial surplus in 2021, allowing for the employment of a Government Relations Executive [GRE].

The successful renewal of the BMF’s events program, both attended externally, and the BMF’s own. The annual Dambuster Rally, reported elsewhere in this issue, has gone from success to success, with a maximum capacity sell-out this year.

The ongoing successful partnership with Bikesure.

The partnership with Thorneycroft Solicitors, who provide the BMF Legal Line, also supporting road safety organisations.

The BMF Breakdown recovery scheme, as a significant member benefit.

The Chair, Jim Freeman, stressed that the BMF were committed to maximising lobbying effort within the available resources, including employing a full time Government Relations Executive [GRE] for the first time since 2016.

The Chair closed the meeting at 13.20, after announcing the 14th October 2023 as the next AGM, venue to be confirmed.

Written by Jim Freeman