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The National Road Rally and the BMF

With regret the British Motorcyclists Federation has decided to withdraw from the operation of the National Road Rally (NRR).

This is because the BMF feel that, over a number of years, the National Road Rally has been taken in a direction that we can no longer take responsibility for.

The event’s direction has been overwhelmingly dominated by Auto Cycle Union (ACU) officials, which means that the BMF has been taking joint responsibility for an event over which we have no control.

The BMF offered to run and finance the National Road Rally, and associated Welsh and Scottish events, on the basis that we have sufficient control, to match the responsibility. This was rejected by the Auto Cycle Union officials.

The BMF wishes all the rally participants the very best from now onwards but cannot offer any direct assistance for the foreseeable future.

by Jim Freeman BMF Chair

Top image courtesy of BMF event archives