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BMF’s response to the Thirlmere West Road consultation – Cumbria

The British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) Files Objections To The Proposed Permanent Closure of the U7003 along the Western Shore of Thirlmere

The BMF has formally raised objections to the proposed introduction of a permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) by Cumberland Council relating to the U7003 road along the western shore of Thirlmere. To read our full response to the consultation please click here

The Thirlmere West road has been closed on a “temporary” basis for almost two years following Storm Arwen in November 2021, which resulted in fallen trees, rockfall and other debris falling on the highway.

A consultation recently called by Cumberland Council has sought feedback on the Council’s proposal to close the route “permanently” whilst the latest survey of the road provided by the landowner United Utilities is reviewed.

Paul Morgan, BMF’s Government Relations Executive Officer said:

“ The prolonged closure of the U7003 road along the western shore has already had the effect of forcing vulnerable road users, including walkers, cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists to use the alternative and more dangerous A591.

Cumberland Council has had almost 2 years to agree the completion of the necessary safety works with the landowner United Utilities to enable the western shore route to be re-opened but has failed to reach any agreement or to put forward proposals to re-open the road during that time.

The BMF objects strongly to the introduction of a Permanent Traffic Regulation order for Thirlmere Road West which is likely to severely hinder the progress of any discussions between the Council and United Utilities to find a timely solution to the current safety issues.

Rather than seek to introduce a permanent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), the Council needs instead to focus its energies on finding an early solution for the re-opening of the route, so that the full extent of the Thirlmere lakeshore can be used and enjoyed by all members of the public, including the motorcycling community.”

Top image courtesy of Tom McNally, Keswick, Cumbria.