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Adventure Bike Claims 600-Mile Range

What’s a decent fuel range on a motorcycle? One hundred and eighty miles is pretty good and anything over 200 miles excellent. But how about 600 miles between refills? That’s the claim for Reiju’s new Aventura 500, which was first shown to the public at the EICMA show in November 2023. The Aventura’s USP is a twin-fuel tank set up with total capacity of 40 litres, which at an average 68 mpg really would give a theoretical range of 600 miles.

Otherwise, there’s little remarkable about the Aventura, which is yet another entrant to the mid-size adventure bike market. The engine is made by Loncin of China, a copy of Honda’s very familiar 500cc parallel-twin as used the CB500 line up, and the rest of the bike appears very similar to the Chongqing Hengjian HJ500-8, an adventure bike only offered in in China.

The Aventura should arrive in the UK in the Spring, selling at £7499 through Reiju’s 65 UK dealers. And is that 600-mile range realistic? Given that some CB500X riders have no trouble averaging 80mpg, we’d say it might even be bettered.

Jim Freeman, Chair of the BMF certainly liked the sound of a mega-range 500 twin: “A bike with the range of yer average diesel car? I can think of quite a few times when that would have been very useful, like in northern France on a weekend, or Monday, when you discover that your plastic doesn’t work at the pump on an automat, only in the kiosks, which are all shut… The same has applied in Italy, Finland, and Sweden, randomly. I can’t be the only person reduced to offering cash to local people refilling with plastic that worked, which obviously involved hanging around the pumps until someone turned up and then trying to explain, which might be OK in French, but Finnish? Luckily I’ve always been persuasive enough and non-threatening, for it to work. So, yes, being able to ride halfway across Europe without refilling sounds like a great idea, especially on an adventure style bike.”

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Reiju