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Presidents FIM & FEMA: working together will benefit motorcyclists

FEMA’s newly elected president Odd Terje Dovik had a top meeting with FIM president Jorge Viegas. On the agenda: stronger cooperation on motorcycling issues.

The FIM Commissions met in Lyon this weekend, providing an occasion for the new FEMA president, Odd Terje Dovik, to meet with his FIM counterpart, Jorge Viegas, as well as the FIM Deputy director Damiano Zamana.

Jesper Christensen, FIM Director of the Commission for Mobility and FEMA board member, was also present. The meeting was following up the presentation given by Damiano at the recent FEMA Annual General Meeting (AGM).

From left to right: Jesper Christensen, Odd Terje Dovik, Jorge Viegas and Damiano Zamana.

At the FEMA AGM, Damiano expressed a strong wish to formalize and further develop the ties between FEMA and FIM, to the benefit of both organisations. In Lyon, this message was repeated by Jorge Viegas, who emphasized the need for the world’s motorcyclists to stand together, pool their resources and avoid wasteful double-work.

From FEMA’s point of view, we fully agree. The motorcycle sport and the motorcycle as a means of recreation and transportation are two sides of the same coin, and each benefit from each other.

The FEMA Board is expected to discuss the FIM initiative in its March meeting.

FEMA already has a close working relationship with FIM Europe, which was formalized in a memorandum of understanding in 2022. FEMA and FIM Europe agree that it is most important that the interests of motorcyclists are recognized and appreciated by the institutions of the European Union and other regulatory and policy forming bodies.

The Federation of European Motorcyclists’ Associations (FEMA) represents European motorcyclists and is formed by 20 motorcyclists’ organisations from 16 countries. Its purpose is to promote, protect and preserve motorcycling. FEMA’s mission is to promote riders’ interests and defend riders’ rights throughout Europe and globally. FEMA’s secretariat is based in Brussels, in the heart of the European Union institutions. Our members of staff are working full time to make sure that riders’ interests are looked after.

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) is the governing body for motorcycle sport and the global advocate for motorcycling. The FIM strives to apply the highest standards for health, safety and the environment in its sporting and non-sporting activities.

Written by Wim Taal

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