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Bault – the ultimate bike security?

Concerned about your bike’s security?

We all know that disc locks, ground anchors and chains can be cut through, given a battery-powered angle grinder and the bike’s owner away at work or on holiday. Even inside a locked garage, it may not be safe. Bault (it stands for Bike Vault) reckons it has the answer – hide your bike underground. It all sounds a bit James Bond, but the Bault a serious business offer by a British start-up, which will start selling the unit from April 2022.

The Bault is an hydraulic lift enclosed in a steel and concrete box, built under the floor of your garage. Installing it takes three days, starting with a mini-excavator digging a 5.4 cubic metre hole, with 15 tonnes of spoil being removed. The Bault, which is a self-contained unit delivered on a pallet, is then lowered into the hole and connected up. It’s covered by a tough steel (or glass!) door, which is strong enough to be driven over. Control of the Bault is via a keypad inside a small safe, and if you were worried about condensation, a small heater and venting system keeps your machine warm and dry. The Bault is also watertight, so it shouldn’t be liable to flood.

So how much does all this cost? Needless to say, the Bault isn’t cheap. The unit starts at £16,200, but you’ll have to add £3,600 installation costs and about £1,000 for the survey.
No doubt about it, if Blowfeld had a bike, he’d have a Bault to put it in.

‘When I can afford a Brough Superior, I’ll get one of these to put it in! Seriously, there are parts of the country, London particularly, where many riders, including some BMF members, have given up having ‘nice’ bikes, because of the theft risk, and insurance related issues. Perhaps this might change their minds.’  commented Jim Freeman, BMF Chair.


Words by Peter Henshaw

All images courtesy of  Bault @ SOS