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The BMF at Parliament!

The BMF lobbying team joined fellow members of the National Motorcyclists Council, in the Churchill Room reception, hosted by Sir Bill Wiggins MP. The event was a fantastic opportunity for the team to meet officials and MPs, in an informal session, over tea and sandwiches. The expected attendance was reduced under the impact of a Tube Strike, but the key people, including Minister Harrison were there.

The BMF team were down one, Sheonagh Ravensdale, Communications director, having to pull out at the last moment, after testing positive for covid. However, Anna Zee, Political and Technical services director was ably supported by Emily Rochester, Government Relations Executive intern, in engaging with MPs, including Steve Baker and Minister Harrison.

The Ministerial address demonstrated that Ms Harrison’s focus is very firmly on decarbonisation, but informal discussion showed that she was open to ideas around synthetic fuels in the decarbonisation future. The NMC team, including the BMF lobbyists, will engage with the Minister in future discussions, naturally, on the whole issue of motorcycling and decarbonisation. Ms Harrison acknowledged that role that the motorcycle had to play in the decarbonisation process, and the major role that the NMC had to play within that.

Motorcycling and the Future of Transport Policy can be found here.

After such a successful event, the BMF team had an epic journey homewards, which took until after midnight in Emily’s case. The dedication of the lobby team, as with all the BMF activists, to the cause of protecting, preserving and promoting the interests of motorcyclists is enhanced by our membership of the NMC, with the support of our fellow members, the Auto Cycle Union [ACU],  IAM RoadsmartTrail Riders Fellowship [TRF], National motorcycle Dealers Association [NMDA] and particularly BMF corporate members Plantec Assist, who sponsored the event.

Stronger, together.

Top Photograph: Left to right, DfT Minister Trudy Harrison MP, Craig Carey-Clinch NMC, Anna Zee BMF and Steve Plater, British Super Bikes and TT legend.

Words by Jim Freeman, BMF Chair.

Top image courtesy of Auto Cycle Union