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BUS LANES – Don’t miss out. Your voice needs to be heard!

The current Government Consultation on allowing default access for all motorcycles to bus lanes is closing on the 9 June 2024.

The consultation published on 17 March 2024 and closing on 9 June 2024 concerns making access to bus lanes for motorcycles the default position for all Local Authorities. Access for motorcycles at present is neither universal nor consistent across Local Authority boundaries creating confusion for riders and other road users which impacts on the overall safety of riders.

We are calling for default access for motorcyclists to all bus lanes.

See the BMF Position Paper Motorcycles in Bus Lanes, which sets out the benefits that will derive from default access being granted.

Don’t miss out. Your voice needs to be heard.

A link to the consultation is here – RESPOND BY JUNE 9th


Written by Paul Morgan CBE


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Top image courtesy of Sophie Popplewell – Unsplash