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Help STOP Camden bike charges!

Help STOP Camden bike charges!


Camden Council have brought forward new proposals for motorcycle parking charges. We need YOU to help stop the charges!


This might not directly affect you, but if we don’t fight parking charges wherever they appear they will spread, including to your local area.


Please sign and share the petition from our friends at Save London Motorcycling against the charges. It should only take 30 seconds of your time!


Find out more and sign the petition against the plans at… 


Camden tried to bring in motorcycle parking charges 2020. It was a petition just like this that stopped them, with your help we can stop them again!


A quick reminder of Camden’s plans:

  • parking permits for residents’, businesses’ and doctors’ motorcycles the same price as cars
  • motorcycle commuters charged up to £600/year for parking
  • other residents’ permits to nearly double from £75 to £146/year (£139 for electric)
  • only 1 permit allowed per person so those with both a family car and motorcycle will be forced to sell one
  • motorcycle business permits of £419/year


We need as many signatures as possible or Camden will refuse to hear the petition. Please sign and share to stop the charges!

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