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Camden parking charges are back

Recently there have been increasing numbers of local authorities seeking to introduce motorcycle parking charges. Camden Councils proposals are the latest, with the Council proposing to scrap free motorcycle parking bays and replace them with park-to-pay facilities.

This is a misguided and illogical strategy given the significant congestion and CO2 reduction benefits which motorcycles offer. Motorcycles, in addition, do not take up large amounts of road or kerb space and do not require significant and expensive parking infrastructure to accommodate them. Powered 2 wheelers offer a real alternative to both high-polluting cars and the already overburdened public transport system.

Rather than demonising motorcycling, local authorities like Camden should instead be encouraging greater use of motorcycles as a means to cut emissions, to reduce congestion in our towns and cities and as a viable solution to reaching Net Zero targets.

BMF fully supports Save London Motorcycling‘s campaign against these unwarranted charges and encourages all members of the motorcycling community to object to these charging proposals in the strongest terms.

Save London Motorcycling campaign message is as follows…

🚨Camden parking charges are back🚨

Nearly three years after they were first proposed Camden has just put out a new consultation on motorcycle parking charges.
We know this is disappointing news but remember this is the fourth time Camden have tried to bring in charges, and every time riders have stopped them.

They’ve provided very little information, and what they have provided is not clear – we have asked for urgent clarification and will update you as soon as we have it. What we know so far about the proposals is;

• solo motorcycle bays charged at £2.60/day (£2 for electric)
• parking permits for residents, businesses and doctors to be charged at the same rate as cars
• residents permits to nearly double from £75 to £146/year (£139 for electric)
• introducing motorcycle business permits at £419/year and doctors permits at £326

It appears Camden no longer plan to ban commuting with £6/hour and maximum stay limits in solo motorcycle bays, which is a positive sign that they are listening. But the charges are still absolutely outrageous so we need your help to fight the plans!

The consultation is running until 5th November – click below to find out more and respond! We stopped them before, with your help we can stop them again.

CLICK HERE to Respond now!

On question 7 we suggest you click ‘strongly disagree’ to all.

Question 15 allows you to give your general views about motorcycle parking charges. Below are some of the points we will be making;
• Camden should be providing free parking for scooters and motorcycles to help them meet their goals by encouraging a switch away from cars
• solo motorcycle bay charges of 2.6 times more than neighbouring Boroughs Westminster and Islington are excessive and unjustified
• permits prices are more than double any other London Borough, and fail to account for the fact that bikes take up 8 times less space than cars
• motorcycles are a sustainable mode and their use helps to reduce emissions and kerbside space used for parking
• there is no justification for charging motorcycles the same price to park as cars

On question 16 you can select ‘other’ and say you would like kerbside space to be used for motorcycle parking

Click to Respond now!

You can also email the Councillor responsible for the plans, Adam Harrison, to tell him exactly what you think!

Click here to email Cllr Harrison

If you live, work, study or volunteer in Camden

You have a unique opportunity to stop the charges! Contact your local representatives, tell them what you think of the Council’s misguided anti-motorcycle plans.

Click here to Find your MP

Click here to Find your Councillors

Thank you!


• no ‘block booking’ discount for solo motorcycle bays so commuters will have to pay £600 a year to work in Camden
• riders who live in ‘car-free developments’ will not be allowed to buy a parking permit, so will have to pay the £2.60 solo motorcycle charge      every day. This adds up to £950 a year, more than the biggest diesel car
• other residents will only be allowed one permit each so anyone with a motorcycle who also needs their car will be forced to sell their bike
• all permits will be zoned so residents in several of Camden’s parking zones will have no access to motorcycle parking bays

Campaign by Save London Motorcycling and supported by BMF