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Petrol Bike Ban still under consideration

The Government is still considering what to do about the date for ending new sales of petrol motorcycles. Currently, the proposed end dates are 2030 for mopeds and 125s, and 2035 for all bigger bikes, but the recent pushback of the end date for petrol/diesel cars (from 2030 to 2035) has put these in doubt.

In response to a query from the BMF, a spokesperson for the Department for Transport said: “The consultation on when to end the sale of new non-zero emission motorcycles (and other L-category vehicles) has been supported by a thorough programme of stakeholder engagement with manufacturers and the wider industry, including a positive Ministerial roundtable. We are now analysing the responses and will bring forward the Government’s response in due course.”

Meanwhile, the Department for Transport has clarified the path to an end date for petrol/diesel cars. In 2025, 22% of new car sales must be zero emission, progressively increasing to 80% in 2030. Manufacturers face fines for every new petrol/diesel car sold over and above these quotas, though they can ‘trade’ their quotas with other manufacturers. Will motorcycles and scooters face the same ramping up of zero emission sales quotas? That, like any new end date for the sale of new petrol-powered two-wheelers, is something we still don’t know.

Jim Freeman, Chair of the BMF, said: “Clear as mud, with goalposts set in sand. I expect to see more havering in the next few years. Decarb is not a priority for many [most?] voters, personal transport is, something that only seems to have registered when a general election looms, funny that!”

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Fred Spaven