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Hackney Bike Parking Charges

Hackney Council To Go Ahead with The Introduction of New Motorcycle Parking Charges Despite Strong Opposition From The UK Motorcycling Lobby

Despite sustained objections from the BMF, other motorcycling organisations, and thousands of individual riders against the proposal by Hackney Council to introduce new motorcycle charges within Hackney, we have been advised by the Council that they have decided to “overrule all objections received” and introduce new parking charges and restrictions regardless.


Hackney Council plan to charge motorcycle parking rates 10-20 times higher than anywhere else in the UK, anticipating that this will reduce motorcycle parking in the Borough by 70%. The Council claims its priority is to “reclaim the kerbside space” used by motorcycles, despite only 0.2% of parking space in Hackney being allocated to motorcycles, and to “encourage greater use of public transport, walking and cycling” to the exclusion of motorcycling and other road transport options, despite motorcycling contributing just 0.4% to overall emissions in Hackney.

Paul Morgan British Motorcyclists Federation Government Relations Executive said: “BMF and our key partner, the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC), are currently in discussion with Save London Motorcycling, to consider our wider response to the announcement by Hackney Council, including potential further legal options.”

Written by Helen Hancock

In article Image courtesy of Paul Smith – taken on Baches Street, N1

Top image courtesy of Rustam Burkhanov on Unsplash