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Sales soar as lockdown lifts

Sales and registrations of powered two-wheelers (PTWs) surged by 570% last month as consumer demand rocketed back along with the gradual lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown.

New statistics released by the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) revealed a vast increased in sales and registrations compared to the same period in 2020. Almost every category – with the sole exception of the ‘Unspecified’ category, which only accounted for eight machines – saw major growth of more than 100% year-on-year.

In some categories, this growth reached spectacular four-digit percentages. There were particular success stories in the Adventure Sport category (1,357%) and the Touring category (2,671%), while scooters also saw noteworthy growth with a 384% increase year-on-year.

Although April 2020’s sales were noticeably low, as the BMF reported at the time, this year’s total of 10,874 registrations of all kinds also beat April 2019’s total of 9,820 registrations.

The news has been warmly welcomed, with a statement by the MCIA noting: “While the 2020 lockdown may have instigated the thirst for PTWs as an isolated and safer way to travel, 2021 is seeing the transport decisions materialising in new PTW purchases for both efficiency, leisure and the many mental and social health benefits associated with riding.”