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Biking abroad requires UK number plate sticker

Thinking of an overseas bike trip? From 28th September 2021, you’ll have to display a ‘UK’ sticker on your number plate.

In January 2021, as part of the post-Brexit fallout, the old ‘Euro’ number plate which showed the EU stars symbol, was replaced with a new plate showing the Union flag and a GB symbol.

At that point, for riding in the EU, you had to either buy one of the new GB plates or add an extra GB sticker along with the old Euro plate. From 28th September, the law changes again, with a switch from ‘GB’ to ‘UK’ plates, to include Northern Ireland. Riders with GB plates will either have to buy a new UK plate or affix a UK sticker over the ‘GB’ symbol. Extra GB stickers will also need to be replaced with a UK sticker.

One piece of good news – the European Commission has withdrawn the requirement to carry a green card for insurance in the EU. In the immediate aftermath of Brexit, riders and drivers had to carry a green card to prove they were insured, which was a headache for those in Northern Ireland regularly crossing the border into the Republic.

Written by Peter Henshaw

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