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UK petrol goes to 10% ethanol

The ethanol content of Britain’s standard grade of petrol will increase from 5% to 10% in September 2021, the DVLA had confirmed.

Adding ethanol – a colourless alcohol made from crops such as sugar beet – reduces the CO2 emissions of petrol, reducing our reliance on oil and helping the UK meet its emissions targets.

According to the DVLA, most motorcycles built since the late 1990s are compatible with E10 fuel, which is already in use in several European countries including Germany, France and Finland. E5 fuel will still be available as the ‘super’ grade, for vehicles which cannot use E10.

An official E10 checking service is available online, to find out whether your motorcycle is compatible with the new grade.

E10-compatible motorcycles:

  • Honda – all EU models since 1993, though some carburettor-equipped bikes could suffer from poor driveability in cold weather.
  • Suzuki – all bikes built since 2002. Some 1992-2001 models.
  • BMW – all bikes, but octane number must be correct.
  • Yamaha – all since 1990.
  • Kawasaki – many variations, check on the link.
  • Harley-Davidson – all since 1980.
  • Ducati – many variations, check on the link.
  • Triumph – all since 1990.

Written by Peter Henshaw