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Rotary record

Guy Martin is planning an attack on the rotary-engined motorcycle speed record, riding the Crighton CR700W. BMF members will have read our profile of the machine and it’s Dorset-based manufacturer Rotron, which also builds paramotors and jet boards – see Motorcycle Rider, Spring 2022.

The CR700W is a development of Norton’s rotary racers of the 1990s, masterminded by ex-Norton man Brian Crighton, who carried on refining the racers until they were banned from circuits in 1995. He continued R&D, first with Stuart Garner and now with Rotron. The CR700W is now being built in limited numbers by Rotron, with a price tag of £95,000. Ironically, given that the rotary was banned from racing over 25 years ago, the new bike is for track days only. With claimed power of 220bhp and a dry weight of just 130kg, it promises the power to weight ratio of a Moto GP bike. A less expensive road version is planned for launch in spring 2024.

Martin hit 188mph on the CR700W at the Straightliners Top Speed event at Elvington recently – 200mph is the next goal.

“The ongoing development of the CR700W is a testimony to the skill and persistence of the man himself, that power to weight ratio is phenomenal, and we wish them the best of luck with the speed record.” said BMF Chair Jim Freeman

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Crighton Motorcycles