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Sustainable Fuel for Classics

What’s claimed to be the first sustainable fuel for classic vehicles has just been launched in the UK. SUSTAIN Classic, which went on sale on 13th June, has a renewable content of up to 80% and is based on bio-ethanol produced from agricultural waste, including straw, byproducts or waste from crops which wouldn’t otherwise be used for consumption. Because the crop absorbs CO2 as it grows, this reduces the carbon footprint of SUSTAIN Classic compared to conventional petrol, according to manufacturer Coryton.

Andrew Willson, CEO at Coryton, said: “We believe that SUSTAIN Classic is the world’s first ever sustainable fuel catering for classic vehicles, providing a credible and convenient way to run vintage vehicles without the need for fossil fuels. Every kilogram of CO2 we avoid adding to our atmosphere, by replacing fossil fuel with sustainable fuel, is a win. We don’t instantly have to go for the full switch to start making a genuine impact.”

The new fuel can be used in any petrol-engined motorcycle or car – modern or classic – without modification, and is blended with conventional petrol. The Super 80 variant of the fuel, which contains at least 80% renewable content, is claimed to produce 65% less greenhouse gases than fossil fuels. It is to 98RON (Super Unleaded) spec and is priced at £4.65 a litre – a cheaper variant (Super 33, with 33% renewable content) starts at £3.80/litre.

Jim Freeman, Chair of the BMF, said: “ I’ve praised other brands of alternative petrol in the past, these fuels are obviously not a cheapo option, but the BMF applaud all effective alternative fuel options, particularly those not requiring any mods. My personal favourite remains Aspen, which has phenomenal long-term stability. If you leave machinery standing for long periods, running some Aspen into the float bowl beforehand works wonders, removing float bowls as an annual chore became a thing of the past. ”

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Sustain Classic