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Securing the support of Parliamentary candidates for motorcycling

A Call for Action to Riders.

The forthcoming General Election is probably the most important for motorcycling for a generation. We face a situation where, like 1997, all political parties have everything to play for. With a strong likelihood of a change in Government, we now have a real opportunity to reshape the narrative and thinking around motorcycling and send a clear message to candidates about what riders need from a new government.

Our aim is to repeat a successful campaign, held back in 1997, when thousands of riders contacted their candidates and awareness of biking issues and the specific needs of the motorcycling community was significantly raised, to the extent that the new post-election Government committed to developing a motorcycling strategy, which was published in 2005. A new and much longer term strategy is now needed and our aim is to build on what was learned before and with our partners across the motorcycle sector ensure that long term policies are put in place which protects the right to ride motorcycle of all kinds and in all places and ensures that government builds motorcycling into its plans for the future of transport to deliver a bright and sustainable future for UK motorcycling.

Our manifesto for change is focused around 7 key priorities:

  1. Transport Choice: Bringing motorcycling into the mainstream of transport policy
  2. The introduction of improved and simplified licensing, training and testing
  3. Ensuring better and safer roads for riding, tackling potholes and with proper investment in motorcycle safety.
  4. The adoption of a “technology neutral” approach to decarbonisation to preserve rider choice.
  5. Default access to all bus lanes and protecting motorcycles access to the full road network, including sealed and green roads.
  6. Ensuring greater recognition of and support for the UK motorcycle sports sector.
  7. Recognition of the cultural importance of the classic bike sector and protection for the UK’s motorcycling heritage.

But to achieve this mission, we need YOU!

Real change comes from riders becoming active in each constituency across the country. Individual MPs have a duty to listen to their own constituents views and it’s now time to let your future MP know yours! This will allow the BMF and the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) develop a powerful body of opinion in Parliament post-election, which will enable us to generate real and positive change for motorcycling. However, the campaign is open to all riders, not just members of motorcycling organisations.

The next election will decide the future of motorcycling across the UK. We need your help now to ensure that the next government delivers the necessary policies to fully realise the benefits that motorcycling can bring to the UK’s future travel, commuting, leisure and sporting needs.

What Can I Do?

We are asking for your support in generating a nationwide impact on the views of parliamentary candidates. This will be achieved if all riders follow the steps below:

  1. Find out who the major party candidates in your constituency are – click here to search for the details you need, emails and addresses. If you wish to write to other parties as well, there are a range of online tools to find their details. We have focused on the major parties as these are most likely to return an MP to Parliament in the majority of constituencies.
  2. Please send a version of the draft covering letter and summary of the motorcycling manifesto, which is in the boxed text below. If you have a specific local issue to raise, please do that as part of your covering letter.
  3. Ask them to sign the Pledge Card. This will open an email dialogue box addressed to the campaign team. Please do not sign the pledge yourself!
  4. Ask them to reply to let you know their views on motorcycling.
  5. Finally -and importantly – please email us any replies you receive. This will allow us to gather specific views of prospective MPs, so we can contact them to follow up after the Election.

If you meet a candidate, you may want to ask them if you can take a photo of them holding a copy of the pledge. A pledge card can be downloaded here.

The Campaign team very much appreciates your help. We have an opportunity to make a real change for motorcycling with this campaign and with your help we can achieve this.


Help to find your constituency and candidates

The links below will take you to sites which are regularly updated with candidate details. You can use a search function to find your candidates from each party.

What is my constituency?
This link will help you find what constituency you live in search by postcode: Click here

Who are my Candidates?
This link will take you to a website where you can search for your candidates: Click here

Written by Helen Hancock in conjunction with NMC

Top image courtesy of Helen Hancock