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Make Roads Safe for Motorcyclists

Motorcycling Matters No 3: Make Roads Safe for Motorcyclists

UK roads urgently need to be made safer for motorcyclists – that’s the third key issue highlighted in Motorcycling Matters, the manifesto launched by the National Motorcyclists Council (NMC) on 17th May, with significant input from the BMF. The manifesto calls for rapid changes to roads infrastructure and a genuine attempt to tackle potholes.

Current roads infrastructure guidelines do not take sufficient account of motorcycle safety and need urgent updating. Smart Motorways which were rolled out without enough regard for safety issues, are just one example – the BMF welcomes the Government’s decision to cancel any further roll out.

Road surfaces need attention too, with poor maintenance leading to a rash of potholes which are a serious danger to powered two-wheelers. In January 2024 the BMF called on the Government to clear the backlog of repairs, joining with the NMC and others to form a National Partnership to push for change, holding National Pothole Day on 15th January.

Paul Morgan CBE of the BMF said: “Potholes cost the economy more than £14 billion a year with motorcyclists and other vulnerable road users at continuing risk of serious injury and worse, with poorly maintained roads tragically costing lives. The BMF calls on all political parties to put the delivering of a permanent solution to the scourge of potholes across the Uk road network as a top priority in their manifesto commitments.

The Pothole Partnership formed by the AA, the National Motorcyclists Council, British Cycling and the Manufacturer JCB, and supported by BMF, has developed a comprehensive 5-point plan to tackle the pothole problem which, amongst other matters, calls for the adoption of UK-wide pothole repair and inspection standards.

Urgent action is needed now to implement the plan, to clear the backlog of pothole repairs and to ensure that we have a road network that is fit for purpose and safe for motorcyclists to ride on.”

You can find more on the BMF’s priorities to secure the future of motorcycling as we head towards the General Election and beyond in the Manifesto Motorcycling Matters which you can access via the article on BMF’s website. In the run up to the election we are seeking to get all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) to sign up to these priorities by getting them to sign our Motorcycling “Pledge” to support the future of motorcycling.

We are urging all riders to get involved in the campaign and to ask their PPCs to sign the Pledge to confirm their support to our Manifesto priorities. We need your support and action now to deliver a bright and sustainable future for UK motorcycling.

Written by Peter Henshaw

Top image courtesy of Kasman at Pixabay